Spring Dish Rack

Spring Dish Rack

Product Description

The Spring Dish Rack brings an eclectic design to the kitchen.  Featuring a stainless steel rack with room to hold up to 9 plates, the rack offers enough added space for cups, bowls and more.  The removable, stand-alone utensil bin sits comfortably within the rack or can stand on it's own on the counter or in the sink.  Perforated base allows water to easily drain.

    Product Features

    • Holds up to 9 plates with room for glasses, bowls, pots and more
    • Angled design with integrated drain spout
    • Removable utensil bin with ample capacity and flat base for use on the counter
    • Raised rib surface holds items above draining water
    • Protective feet will not scratch or scuff countertops

    • $44.99
    Product Code: KTH-660

    Measures: 15.5 x 15 x 5.25 inches

    High-quality, rust-resistant, stainless-steel, and plastic construction