Digital Fridge / Freezer Thermometer

Digital Fridge / Freezer Thermometer

Product Description

USDA recommended preset buttons make it simple to cook to desired temperatures for meat type and "doneness" with this instant read thermometer. Leave out the guesswork and let the Speed Read do the work‚ simply select the meat, choose the desired taste, and within 8 seconds, the temperature reading is complete. The large, angled display is ergonomically designed to easily insert into the meat and read the results. There is no straining required for perfectly cooked meats and poultry every time.

  • $9.99
Thermometer for measuring refrigerator & freezer temperatures

Set to refrigerator or freezer with an easy slide button

Easy to read 1.75-inch LCD screen

Reads in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Temperature range from -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)

LED flashes and count-up timer begins when temperatures fall below the programmed safe zone of 41°F for refrigerator and -21°F for freezer

Records and retains the minimum and maximum temperatures reached

Integrated stand, shelf hanger, or suction mount attaches to walls for optimal positioning and display reading