Life Lesson #1 – Laundry

Laundry is something that, literally, never stops. It’s inevitable. In fact, most will find that as you get older, there’s only more! When you add on a partner or spouse, a couple kids, a dog or even taking care of loved ones… laundry is guaranteed constant in life. That doesn't mean it has to be hard. 

So, let’s breakdown the basics of laundry into Washing and Drying and here’s some tips to share when teaching loved ones to take on the chore:


  1. Read the labels
    • The care labels on your clothing can help take the guesswork out of many items with their own recommended care. “Hand wash only” or “dry clean only” are easy items to separate now.
  2. Sort
    • White & lights
    • Deep colors
    • Heavily soiled
  3. Sort again
    • Sort each pile by type. Pile together your lighter colored towels and separate out your dark colored cotton t-shirts from your jeans.
  4. Add Detergent
    • Read the directions for how much to use based on your load size
    • Pre-treat any stains as needed
  5. Choose Water Temp
    • Cold water will likely meet most your needs. (And it can save you money vs heating water!) Clothes are also less likely to shrink when washed in cold water.
    • Use hot water for items that need to be sanitized like towels, sheets and even underwear.
  6. Load
    • Inspect each item as they go into the washer. Untangle each item, zip up zippers, button buttons, etc.
    • Don’t overload. Clothes need room to move around to be properly washed and drained.
    • Promptly remove from washer when done. This helps lessen wrinkles and prevents stinky mildew.


  1. Using the dryer
    • Remove any items you don’t want dried in the dryer.
    • Dry lightweight items together and heavier items together so you can pick the appropriate temperatures for each (to avoid shrinking and over-drying). Don't overcrowd for faster and more even drying.
    • Once items are done in the dryer, promptly remove, fold and put away to avoid wrinkles or having to re-wash or re-dry.
  1. Using a drying rack
    • A drying rack is great for delicate items like bras, bathing suits, button down shirts to heavy items like towels and sheets that can take a beating in the dryer heat.
    • Really, anything can be air dried! It saves money and it saves your clothes from repeated heat that can damage our threads.
    • Keep items flat and smooth to lessen wrinkles
    • Keep items separated and not overlapping for fasting drying
    • Turn over items to help them dry evenly

We recommend:

    • A Freestanding Dryer like this one for all your basic needs.
    • An Expandable Rack like this one for heavy or larger items or to have more drying options (for drying delicates or hanging items from hangers).

Shop all of our drying rack solutions HERE

Here are a couple images to share to make this easy! And remember, laundry is something we all have in common!


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