Must-Have Poolside Accessories

There’s no better way to beat the heat of summer than kicking your feet up in a backyard oasis. Not only do pools offer a great place to cool off and relax, but they’re also an ideal space for good times and gathering with friends and family. After all, a home with a pool makes any backyard BBQ a hit. However, entertaining guests poolside can be more work than you may think. Of course a refreshing pool is a good start, but in order for any summer party to be a success, there are some other things that are important to consider. So dive in and discover some must-have poolside accessories to help make a splash hosting your next summer bash!


Packing the family up for a pool party can be stressful and it's more than likely that at least one of your guests will forget to pack a bottle of sunscreen, lotion, or bug spray before heading over. Keeping extra bottles handy for your friends and family is a must to keep guests from having to take any unnecessary trips back home or to the store. We recommend keeping one of our Bath Totes stocked with a variety of sunscreens, lotions, and bug repellent to help keep guests happy and staying longer! Not only does its handle make it easy to transport in and out of the house, but with its perforated base, it's perfect for use by the pool.



One of the biggest concerns with owning a pool often has to do with all the wet clothing that piles up around the yard or in the house. Not only can hanging swimsuits and towels from chairs and railings be an eyesore to your home oasis, but it can also be damaging, shortening the lifespan of expensive swimwear through unwanted fading and stretching. To avoid this, we recommend following some basic do’s and do nots when it comes to drying those bathing suits:


Investing in a drying rack for use around the pool can be a great option and the perfect solution to wet clothing piling up and getting lost or damaged during a pool party. Simply set up a drying station next to the pool out of direct sunlight and invite guests to lay their items flat to dry.  With its lightweight aluminum construction, the Ultralight Laundry Stand is a great option for around the pool. And if you're looking for extra space, our Expandable Drying Rack offers 50.8 feet of drying space-- enough room for all your guests!





Besides the pool, ice cold drinks are a must to keep guests hydrated and cool on a hot summer day. This means keeping the coolers stocked with refreshing drinks and ice is a must. Make sure to have enough options for all your guests and try labeling the different coolers with what's inside to keep guests from letting too much cool air out when grabbing their drink. Keeping the Chill Station out and stocked with wine, champagne, or even spirits is another option and great for providing guests with that extra scoop of ice for their drinks. Not only will the cooling sleeve keep the bottles cold out in the hot sun, but the plastic ice scoop allows for easy self-service.

After a long day in the summer heat swimming, chatting, and playing games, your guests are going to be hungry which means it’ll be time to fire up the grill! And a cook is only as good as his equipment. So, make sure you're prepared with all the right tools. Owning a house with a pool means you're likely going to be spending a lot of time cooking outside during the summer months. This means it's probably a good idea to invest in some quality tools to impress your guests. Luckily, Polder’s got you covered with a variety of tools to “meat” all your grilling needs! Check out our award winning Viper Tongs uniquely designed for comfort and control, or shop our whole line of Grill Guru equipment here! Keeping a thermometer handy is also a must to make sure all the food is cooked safely and to your guests' liking. For use by the pool, we recommend a Waterproof Instant Read Thermometer to check for doneness!


Of course hosting a pool party can come with a lot of responsibilities and pressure, but it is also important that you get to enjoy your own backyard oasis too! So, when it comes to serving your guests, we have a few extra tips to help you be extra prepared and to cut down on the time spent serving and entertaining friends and family once they have already arrived.

Carrying out all the different condiments and toppings can be frustrating and require several trips back and forth to the kitchen. To avoid this, we recommend keeping ketchup, mustard, relish, and other delicious foods in one of our Acrylic Fridge Bins. Their clear plastic construction will allow for easy view of contents while dual-sided handles provide easy transportation all in one trip!


With lots of drinks and bottles around, your guests are sure to ask where to toss out/recycle the empties. Rather than having to direct your friends to the kitchen inside or take several trips back and forth, it is a good idea to provide a waste can by the pool. For this, our Under-Counter Waste Can can be a perfect solution with its 7-gallon capacity having room for all the trash/recyclables.