Ready, Set, Grill!


With warm weather and Memorial Day fast approaching, it’s finally time to start thinking about firing up your grill and kicking off BBQ season! But before you jump right into cooking your favorite rack of ribs or even the classic cheese burger, it's important to make sure you're prepared. After several months of no use, it is likely that your grill and related tools may need some care before they can perform their best. Luckily, here at Polder our Grill Guru line is here to help by making your grilling experience safe, easy, and most importantly delicious.


Get Ready…


Cleaning off build-up from last year’s grilling season and any additional rust or debris from the winter months is a must. We recommend starting off the season by heating up the metal grates and scrubbing away any stuck-on messes. Investing in a stainless steel grill brush, such as our Grill Guru Grill Brush, can help to get the job done, while also ensuring your grates are kept clean throughout the season. With its high strength bristles and 18-inch length, your hands will always be kept a safe distance from the heat and your food will be less likely to stick to the grilling surface.



Note: If you notice any loose bristles, it may be time to replace your grill brush. Check out our replacement heads HERE.


Get Set…


It’s time to get excited about grilling again! Let go of those rusty old tools and check out some of our innovative new solutions for control and comfort at the grill. 

Inspired by the famous fangs of a viper snake, our Grill Guru Viper Tongs offer a unique design to traditional spatulas and tongs, and are sure to be a staple tool for your grilling collection. With angled gripping “viper” teeth and a shovel base, you’ll have complete run over all of your meats and vegetables.         


Make your collection sleek, while still keeping safety a top priority, with our Grill Guru Basting Brush which offers two food-safe, silicone brush heads atop an ash wood handle. Simply twist-to-remove and prevent cross contamination by using one brush on uncooked meats and the other for adding sauces and additional flavor while on the grill.

And, don’t forget about one of the most classic grilling tools, your spatula. Check out our Grill Guru Barbecue Spatula which is made to handle large items with ease. Use the convenient serrated edge to check for doneness right on the grill, and when placing the tool safely to the side, make use of its integrated tool rest.



When grilling late at night or in other low-light settings, it is important to keep the cooking area illuminated to ensure safety. In these situations, we recommend our Grill Guru Clip-On Grill Light which features 9 LEDs for maximum visibility. With its heat resistant attachment clip and tension-wire neck, it's the perfect solution allowing for adjustment into needed positions.


For extra protection around an open flame, a safety mitt is always recommended. Our Grill Guru Mitt is perfect for heat up to 572°F (300°C) and its detailed gripping pattern ensures a secure hold of all your favorite grilling tools. 





When it comes to grilling, time and temperature happen to be two of the most important factors that contribute to the taste of your favorite dish. If left on too long or at the wrong temperature, meats can be left dry and tough, spoiling the fun of your BBQ. On the other hand, cooking for too little time or at too low of a temperature can lead to dreaded food poisoning or sickness. To avoid these two extremes, we recommend using an appropriate thermometer and timer combo.


For both Master Grillers and Novice Cooks, our Safe-Serve Instant Read Thermometer is designed to keep hands at a safe distance from heat with its 10-inch long probe. Follow one of 15 preset temperatures for meat type and doneness, or choose your own using its open customizable setting to ensure your food comes out tasting its best!


For added insurance, pair the thermometer with one of our timers to ensure you don’t forget about what you leave on the grill. Our 3-in-1 Timer, Clock, & Stopwatch is a perfect solution for grilling with its hands free lanyard feature and keypad lock to ensure settings are not interrupted.


Shop our 4-Piece Grill Guru Set HERE.