Spring Cleaning: Tips to Get Started

Spring is the air. The birds are chirping. The windows are open. It’s time to let the fresh air in. It’s also a great time to clean out and get organized. Spring Cleaning can seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be done in one day or even one week. See our tips below to turn Spring Cleaning into a Summer Breeze…

Make a List

Spring Cleaning can seem overwhelming if you’re thinking of cleaning and organizing EVERYTHING in your house in the next 2 weeks. Start with making a list of what you absolutely want to get done this season/year. Maybe it’s organizing the basement and the garage. Maybe it’s actually wiping down every baseboard in the house. Maybe it’s tackling one room each week. Whatever it is, make a list and make it realistic.

Set a Timer

A Taste of Home article featured products every professional organizer uses and one just so happens to be a Polder timer. Why is a timer great for cleaning? Motivation, an end… and a little fun. Set the timer for small tasks that might take 5 or 10 minutes. This is a GREAT way to get the kids involved too!

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Organize your cleaning products, really!

There’s nothing worse than setting aside time to clean the windows… and you’re out of window cleaner. Take out all your cleaning products and tools and make an inventory now (and maybe what you can even get rid of!). Invest in an organizing caddy and keep your cleaning items accessible and stocked at all times. Caralyn Kempner, professional home organizer, happens to like our Under Sink Storage Caddy too!  She says it’s “a convenient, transportable caddy organizer designed for the base cabinet. They were designed not to interfere with center plumbing pipes.”

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Implement daily/weekly tasks now

In general, Spring Cleaning means the big haul. BUT why not implement small daily tasks now too? Maybe it’s a quick daily 2-minute pick up per room. Maybe it’s keeping the kitchen counters clean or the kitchen sink empty every night. Maybe it’s 5 minutes to wipe down the bathrooms. Whatever your mini goals are, implementing them now can help establish good cleaning habits to last the year.

Make it fun

Yes, we said it. There’s no reason cleaning has to be a complete drag. Turn up the music and enjoy the time just focusing on one task at hand. TV nearby? Maybe binge-watch that trendy show (hello Cheer!) while you clean out your closet. Or, try setting a little reward for every task you complete. Any way you spin in, pairing a perceived negative (cleaning, blah) with a fun positive (karaoke time!) has got to be better than not.