Spring Into Action With These 5 Tips


It’s that time of year again! The flowers are blooming and the temperature is rising, meaning it's officially spring cleaning season! We know this may not be the most exciting news to hear, which is why we’ve come up with some tips to help you get started!


1. Make a Plan

The first, and often hardest, step in spring cleaning is simply getting started. With so many places needing our attention coming out of the winter months, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. The best way to deal with this is to make a plan. Take a pass through your home noting where you will need to spend some time tidying up and refreshing. Once you’ve made yourself a checklist, it will be easy to start dividing up tasks and tackling them one by one. 

We also suggest adding in some extra motivation and perhaps even some fun by using a timer! Whether you're racing the clock or just setting aside break time, this can be a great way to keep focused and overcome that feeling of being overwhelmed.


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2. Organize Your Cleaners

Before you head into any deep cleaning however, it is important to take a look at what products you have lying around. Are there any cleaners taking up extra space that will likely not be used? Maybe this would be a great place to start your spring cleaning expedition. Running low on your favorite spray? Perhaps a quick trip to the local store might be needed. These are all important questions which can help prevent mid-cleaning discouragement and/or frustrations. Investing in an organizing caddy for both storage and on-the-go can be a great option to help ensure your cleaning items are stocked, easily accessible, and ready to move with you from room to room.


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3. Start Small

Again, starting any big task comes with hesitation and dread as we begin to think about all the places that need attention. It's easy to get discouraged if we don’t see significant progress in a short period of time. Starting out with a large room or even a time consuming task such as mopping the entire floor, can lead to a quick burnout and the desire to quit right away. Therefore, we’d suggest beginning with relatively easy projects which result in quick turnaround to help keep that spark alive. 

This could mean cleaning off the bathroom vanity or finally getting the chance to organize your medicine cabinet with the help of organizing bins such as our P.O.P Storage Personal Organization Pods. Or, maybe you focus your time on something even more specific like your cosmetics, sorting out the old from the new and tidying up your beauty station with personalized products like our Glamour Grids. Whatever it is, make sure you take time to notice the progress you’ve made and use that to encourage yourself to keep going!




4. Work from Top to Bottom

After deciding which rooms to start with, it’s easy for us to want to jump right in by scrubbing away at the dirtiest spots that stick out the most. However, it’s important to make sure you aren’t creating any extra work for yourself by backtracking on what you have already done. Working from top to bottom ensures that you won’t have to re-dust  or re-clean any of those lower surfaces from debris, dust, or dirt falling from above. Therefore, we suggest you pull out the step stool early and work your way down from the ceiling to the floor.


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5. Don’t Fear the Kitchen and Bathroom

We know tackling the kitchen and bathrooms can cause lots of distress when it comes to spring cleaning. After all, these are the areas that tend to get the most use throughout the year. However, sticking to the first four steps mentioned above can help you to overcome and conquer. Remember to start small. The kitchen has lots of areas that will most likely need some attention but don’t let that discourage you. Starting with one appliance at a time can help to cut down on worries and help you to focus. Given that the room revolves around food, the fridge may be a great place to begin. Using bins to declutter and reorganize shelves is a perfect way to free up space and help you to cut back on food waste.




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The bathroom can be approached in the same way. Work your way from one area to the next and, in this room especially, don’t forget to freshen up on your cleaning tools.




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