Tips for Smart Sweater Storage

Believe it or not, there is actually a (more) right way to store and care for your winter sweaters. The good news? It’s not rocket science. The better news? Smart storage in few simple steps helps extend the life of your beloved clothing.

Oh, and since you’re going through your sweaters anyway, now is a good time to donate ones you haven’t worn in a while or just don’t fit like you wish they would.

Sweater Storage 101

  1. Wash – Wash sweaters first! This should go without saying that storing clean clothes is better than storing dirty clothes. For many reasons: stains can further set it, odor can further develop, dirt can attract fun little bugs… so let’s start with clean. Since most sweaters prefer to be air-dried, use a drying rack like this one to let your sweaters completely dry.
  2. Fold - Folding them neat (but loosely) now prevents well-defined wrinkles later. Folding neatly also allows you to get more stored in one space. We like Martha Stewart’s method for folding sweaters HERE.
  3. Contain – Place sweaters in plastic containers or sealed plastic bags. These are best to keep bugs out. Though, do consider where you’ll store your containers. Plastic might be best for a storage unit, basement or attic. Garment boxes might be fine for under-bed or back of closet storage.
  4. Tissue – No matter what kind of container you place your sweaters in, placing a piece of (white!) tissue paper between each layer helps absorb any unwanted moisture and prevents color exchanges. You can even invest in special acid-free paper if your items are going to be stored for an extended amount of time or are just extremely special.
  5. Location – Place your containers out of direct sunlight and at room temperature or cooler. The back of your closet or under your bed are more preferred areas than say your basement or attic where temperature and humidity levels vary greatly. If you do store your sweaters in these areas, just take into consideration things like your containers or moisture barriers as noted above for best results.

Follow these basic steps and your sweaters (and your wallet!) will thank you next season.