Tote-ally New!

Sometimes it’s organizing a simple every day task that can transform it into a convenience you may not have known you needed! Take your bathroom toiletries for example...

Our new Bath Tote is a smart twist on our classic Household Cleaning Caddy. The Bath Tote features a stylish, neutral color upgrade and a perforated base to allow water to drain, use it right in the bath or shower. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, face wash – you name it, is now ready to go when you are.


Other features include:

    • Three split compartments for better organizing options
    • Heavy duty plastic construction
    • Easy-to-clean and stain resistant
    • Balanced handle for easy transport

So many uses!

    • Keep baby bath products and toys ready to go
    • Perfect for the dorm when toiletries need to be easily transported
    • Even use by the pool to store small pool toys like diving sticks


TIP! Turn this item into a great gift! Simply fill it up with toiletries for the new college freshman or load it baby bath goodies for a baby shower and add a bow, of course. Thoughtful and useful!


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