Single-Tear Paper Towel Holder

Single-Tear Paper Towel Holder

Product Description

The Single Tear Paper Towel Holder is an easy-to-use basic kitchen accessory that combines form and function. The brushed, stainless-steel design complements any kitchen décor. It's the perfect solution for easy roll changing and tearing paper towel sheets simply and easily.

Product Features

  • Soft rubber base ring adds friction for a controlled tear
  • Patented easy one-hand single-sheet tear
  • Extra sturdy and two pound weighted base won't tip over
  • Fits any standard and jumbo-sized paper towel rolls
  • Rolls slip over center post for quick and easy replenishment

  • $19.99
Product code: KTH-6065-47RM

Brushed, stainless-steel

Measures: 12.6 inches tall x 7.1 inches diameter