Nail Station

Nail Station

Product Description

Creating an at-home manicure has never been easier. The Nail Station is the 3-in-1 dryer, light and storage solution for creating salon perfect nails at home. Makes a great gift!

Product Features

  • Dryer for drying lacquer, UV-LED light for curing gel polish, and storage compartments
  • Organizes accessories like cuticle trimmers, clippers, cotton swabs, polish remover, nail files, and 10 polishes
  • Quick-drying auto-sensor tunnel turns on and off automatically by sensing motion - no touch required
  • Finger guides inside drying tunnel for perfect finger placement
  • Built-in application surface for painting nails
  • 4-foot long cord for easy set-up in multiple locations
  • 3-way rocker switch to easily turn on UV/LED light or fan

  • $39.99