NSF Instant Read Thermometer

NSF Instant Read Thermometer

Product Description

Cook like a pro with this Commercial Series NSF rated solid, bi-metal thermometer, the design most often chosen by chefs. Its classic construction features a shatterproof, magnified analog dial with easy-to-read numbers. The included probe sheath with a pocket clip allows the thermometer to be easily accessed and safely stored away for measuring food temperatures outside the oven. Not intended for in-oven use, this thermometer is ideal for quick and accurate temperature readings for perfectly cooked food.

  • $7.99
NSF certified

Instant read thermometer for measuring temperatures outside the oven

Magnified, shatterproof dial is easy-to-read

Reads temperature in Fahrenheit

Temperature range from 0°F to 220°F

Probe sheath with pocket clip attachment for easy access

Dishwasher safe, top rack only