Multi-Use Insert Bag

Multi-Use Insert Bag

Product Description

The Multi-Use Insert Bag is an all-weather bag specifically designed to be used with the Superlight Shopping Cart for transporting groceries, laundry, beach accessories and more. The insert is custom made to securely fit within the aluminum basket to cover and protect stored items while transporting.

Product Features

  • Snug and secure fit keeps the contents from getting damaged in transport
  • Constructed from high density, weather resistant polyester
  • Cover securely closes with flaps and fasteners to keep items safe, dry, and protected
  • Protects from inclement weather and the outdoor elements

  • $14.99
Product code: STO-302-30RM

Designed specifically to be used with the Superlight Shopping Cart (STO-3022-92RM)

All-weather high-density, polyester bag

Attractive red color

Measures: 13.4 x 15 x 15.5 inches