Is the turkey done yet?

There’s no greater pressure during the holidays than to be the one who cooks the infamous Thanksgiving (or any other holiday for that matter) dinner. The day literally revolves around that turkey hitting the table. That meal is the epicenter for classic toasts, fine (or maybe rather interesting) conversation and creating family memories for years to come.

Lucky for you, we take this responsibility pretty seriously at Polder. So, let’s talk turkey!

We offer many thermometer choices based on your cooking preferences or skill set. We’ve selected our top 4 to make this easy. Whether you want a classic “just show me the temperature” or a preset digital read to tell you when it’s cooked to USDA standards, we’ve got you covered.

 Our Top Turkey Thermometer Picks:

1. Safe-Serve Instant Read Thermometer

    • 5 presets for meat type and doneness
    • Built-in torch light
    • 10 inch long probe to keep hands at a safe distance from heat
2. Classic Digital Thermometer/Timer
    • Thermometer + timer
    • Programmable with memory function
    • Probe stays in oven, no need to open the door
3. Stable-Read Instant Read Thermometer 
    • Instant read outside the oven in just 4 seconds
    • Alert beep when temp is reached
    • Easy-to-read display
4. Dual Sensor in-Oven Thermometer
    • Measures meat and oven temp at the same time
    • USDA cooking charts printed on face of unit
    • Stays in oven, no need to open the door

Of course all of our thermometers measure both Celsius and Fahrenheit, so see how their main features compare:

No matter which thermometer you pick, we can help deliver that turkey to the table in time and ready to gobble up.

 Some turkey cooking tips:

  • The experts at Butterball recommend an oven temperature of 325˚ F
  • Insert thermometer into the thickest part of the turkey around the thigh (avoiding the bone)
  • At 165˚ F – it’s done (USDA standard)! Turkey continues to cook as it rests. If the turkey is stuffed, the stuffing should reach 165˚ F too!
  • While it’s tempting, do NOT cut right away. Lock in those juices and let the turkey sit for 15-20 mins before cutting

Finally, can you trust that little pop-up timer that comes in your turkey? Consumer Reports says, not really! In fact, they like Polder’s Stable-Read too!